Unique and Artistic Bohemian Bedrooms Suggesting Freedom of Expression

According to the dictionary, the word ‘bohemian’ refers to people who lead unconventional and artistic lives. Those people are not attached to a certain strict tradition. They have the freedom to express themselves within the limit of reasonable norms. Therefore, bohemian people may not be afraid to be different with the common society. Wearing unique clothes, playing strange music and performing peculiar rituals are the most noticeable characteristics of bohemian people.

I don’t suggest you to become a bohemian, but it must be interesting to apply bohemian style in your bedroom. This style will give you the freedom to create any look in your bedroom. It even allows you to combine different colors and styles. The final appearance of your bedroom must be very unique, colorful and certainly impressive. If you have such bedroom, then you can boast it to your closest friends.

The first picture shows you a small attic bedroom decorated in bohemian style. You can find unique and artistic patterns on the bedroom walls. The same patterns even apply on the sloping ceiling. An attractive orange bed frame is set on the corner space. It’s complemented with floral bedding set in purple, blue, yellow, green and white colors. A long colorful patterned curtain beautifies the bed further. The curtain is installed on a ceiling-mount round rod, it hangs down adorning the bed headboard. A small window helps the small attic bedroom to appear brighter. Bohemian-style bedroom doesn’t have to be colorful as you can see from the next picture. This bohemian-style bedroom even tends to feel calming. It has wonderful bed frame with arch headboard. White bedding set complements the bed frame while providing great comfort. Brown fabric displaying artistic patterns and images adorns white wall behind the bed. Three interesting framed pictures of pilgrims also hang on the wall. Meanwhile, a white fireplace surround brings warm atmosphere into the bedroom. If you are longing of freedom, then applying bohemian style in your bedroom may be able to release your emotion.

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