Small Bright Orange Sleeper Sofa Patterned Wallpaper Wooden Floor

You may be wondering about what sleeper sofa is. Well, it’s a sofa that can be used for sleeping or lying comfortably. The piece usually comes with built-in frame for accommodating a mattress. In this modern time, however, sleeper sofa has come in various designs. Each type of sleeper sofa even has different level of comfort.

Sleeper sofa tends to come in
small size, so they can be perfect furniture for decorating small spaces. You
may place the piece in bedroom, living room, family room, or another cozy
space. The first picture shows you the most common type of sleeper sofa. It
comes as an elegant dark sofa with black leather armrests. Underneath the
seating of the sofa, there is a trundle frame with cushion. When you pullout
the trundle frame, it will integrate with the main sofa. Thus, the sofa will
have larger size to provide you a comfortable space for sleeping or just lying.
The cushion of the trundle frame can even be lifted up. By lifting up the
cushion, you will find a space to store pillows.

Let’s take a look at the second picture. It’s a contemporary small dark tufted sleeper sofa with interesting stainless steel legs. At the first time, you may don’t expect that the piece is a sofa. The piece actually consists of two sections. One section functions as seating, while the other one serves as backrest. If you want to use the piece as a normal sofa, you just need to fold up that backrest section. By folding down it, then the piece will transform into a small bed.

It has almost the same design
with the second sleeper sofa. However, this contemporary small sleeper sofa
comes with lovely white leather upholstery. It looks like a normal sofa because
the backrest is being in an upright position. If you fold down that section, the
piece will become a nice small bed. Just visit the biggest furniture store in
your town if you want to find other interesting designs of sleeper sofa.