If you have a plan to give a gift for your kid, then you may consider bunk bed. Because of its interesting look, many kids love bunk bed. Therefore, I believe that it can be the best gift for your kid. The bunk bed can be more special if you make it by yourself. I know that making a bunk bed is not an easy task, especially for beginner in home project. However, there’s nothing wrong to try it! The following are homemade wooden bunk beds to inspire you.

I consider that wood is the best choice for making homemade bunk bed because you can get the material easily. You can even treat wood easily by using simple tools, like sandpaper and saw. The first picture presents an impressive large homemade bunk bed made from dark wood. The homemade dark wooden bunk bed comes with built-in drawers and shelves. You can find the drawers underneath the lower bed. Meanwhile, the shelves are used for displaying interesting decorative items. The furniture piece is also featured with modern black hooks. It even amazingly integrates with a small platform. Three ropes serve as railing for the platform. White thin mattress and pillows complement the platform.

The second picture shows you a much simpler homemade wooden bunk bed.
Although the homemade bunk bed is simple and small, it looks so appealing. It
comes with two sloping frames and a ladder. The upper bed frame is added with
railings to provide safety. Awesome dark blue bedding sets adorn the bunk bed
and enhancing its comfort.

in lovely white color, the next homemade wooden bunk bed will be very suitable
for little girls. A short ladder connects the lower bed frame with the upper
one. Each bed frame is adorned with sweet bedding set in white, pink and green
colors. The white homemade bunk bed is set in the corner space of a pink and
green bedroom. Well, it’s the time for you to make a special bunk bed for your