Do you want to have a dining table that won’t take up much space in your room? Well, I suggest you to use narrow dining table. The table is very suitable for a small dining room, but it can also fit the large one. By using the piece, then your dining room can feel more spacious.

If you think narrow dining table can only accommodate a few persons, then you are wrong. Narrow dining table comes is available in various length. If you choose the long narrow dining table, then you can use it to accommodate even more than seven persons at the same time. Just make sure that you complement the piece with comfortable chairs or benches.

From the first picture, you
can see an open room that integrates living and dining areas. Wooden planks
decorate the room floor nicely. There is a contemporary narrow wooden table in
the dining area. Although the piece has minimalist design, but it can deliver
warm feel. Four unique brown chairs and one elegant black bench complement the
table. The black bench is uniquely installed on a wooden wall panel. Meanwhile,
modern light fixture is hung over the narrow wooden dining table.

I consider this
contemporary dining table looks much more impressive than the previous one
because it combines glass and stainless steel materials. The solid stainless
steel legs give support to the sophisticated long narrow glass top. A few
captivating glass vases adorn the narrow glass top dining table. You can also
find a nice bowl there. Three awesome light fixtures with black dome shades
hang from the ceiling above the table. Four minimalist chairs complement the
dining room furniture. It doesn’t matter whether your dining room is small or
large, I am sure that a narrow table can work well there.