Outstanding Stone Fireplace Designs for Home Interior

Stone is very impressive natural material. If you use the material for decorating your home interior, then you can get wonderful look there. Stone can be used in any way you like. However, most people love to use stone as the surround for their fireplaces. A fireplace with stone surround tends to have rustic or even old impression. Well, the following are inspiring stone fireplace designs.

In nature, you can find stone in various colors. The colors include black, brown, white, etc. However, let’s just generalize the colors into two categories: dark and light. Dark stone tends to create elegant look in home interior, while the light one tends to bring calming feel. From the first picture, you can see a very elegant traditional-style living room. A fireplace with dark stone surround delivers the elegance. The dark stone fireplace surround has built-in hearth decorated with black square tiles. Two artistic candle stands are put on the hearth. An interesting wooden mantel adds the natural feel of the stone fireplace. Artistic framed painting adorns the wooden fireplace mantel.

Let’s see the next picture. It’s a fireplace with light stone surround in a living room. The light stone fireplace surround have cream color. It helps the living room to feel warmth and calming. White concrete hearth and mantel make the stone fireplace look more interesting. Two traditional lanterns decorate the hearth. Meanwhile, a beautiful artwork is hung on wall above the fireplace mantel. Two pots of natural green plant flank the fireplace and completing its look.

The third picture shows you two-sided fireplace installed in a stone wall. Such fireplace is very suitable for an open room. I think the stone wall tends to be light in color, so that it feels calming rather than elegant. A simple wooden mantel mounts on wall above the two-sided fireplace while enriching its texture. A few vintage decorative items decorate the mantel. Those are stone fireplace designs that must have inspired and impressed you.

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