Marvelous Floating Vanity Designs for Updating Bathrooms

Floating bathroom vanity is a vanity that hangs on the wall of a bathroom. Thus, the bathroom furniture looks like floating. Traditional bathroom vanity usually comes as a cabinet with countertop and sink. It sits or stands on the floor and against a wall. If you want to create modern impression in your bathroom, the first thing you can do is replacing the traditional vanity with the floating one.

Floating bathroom vanity tends to have modern look. However, it doesn’t mean that the bathroom furniture should be made from sophisticated materials. In the first picture, you can even see an impressive floating bathroom vanity made from natural stone. The stone bathroom vanity has built-in modern stainless steel faucet. A simple stainless steel holder for kerchief is put on the piece. A wall-mount square mirror serves a perfect pair for the vanity. Two light fixtures are nicely installed on the mirror.

Moving to the second picture, there is an elegant modern bathroom with black floor tiles. Tiny black square tiles even attach on the bathroom walls. A white floating vanity enhances the modern impression of the bathroom. The piece comes with white sink, wooden drawer and shelf. The storage makes this vanity more functional than the previous one. Wall-mount stainless steel faucet and rectangular mirror complements the white floating bathroom vanity. The next picture displays an awesome black floating bathroom vanity with glass countertop, two white ceramic sinks and stainless steel faucets. Underneath the countertop, you can find drawers and cabinets to keep bathroom items. Two rectangular cabinets with mirrored door hang vertically on cream wall above the floating bathroom vanity. The cabinets interestingly integrate with small black shelves. Floating bathroom vanity is really captivating, right? It can also offer good functionality. Well, are you ready to update your bathroom with floating vanity?

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