Eye-catching Runner to Create Appealing and Warm Hallways

Runner is a long and narrow rug that can enhance a hallway significantly. The item is both decorative and functional. Although hallway is a high-traffic area, but people usually don’t give it great attention. They tend to pass through the area without observing it. If you place a runner in the hallway, then the area can look more appealing and warmer. It’s very effective to draw people’s eyes and attention.

As I have said above, runner is not only decorative, but also functional. In a high-traffic area, like hallway, runner functions to give protection for the floor. Thus, the floor can be more durable. As far as I know, there are no standard sizes for runner. The best halfway runner is the one that can fit the size of your own hallway. In the first picture, there is a simple hallway with white walls and wooden floor. A black and white striped runner lies on the wooden floor while helping the hallway to appear more attractive. An old-look wooden seat is set near the striped runner.

A beige runner with interesting and positive quotes adorns the second hallway nicely. Although the runner is not too long, it has created very positive ambiance in the hallway. Everyone who read the quotes on the runner will even be inspired. Meanwhile, white-painted wooden chest of drawers and comfortable chair enhance the functionality of the hallway.

The third picture shows you a beautiful and impressive red runner in Moroccan style. The narrow rug even comes with artistic patterns. It lies on wooden floor of a hallway with stair. Two small pots of green plant are interestingly put near the runner. You can also find a small black table for putting telephone unit in the hallway. Have you adorned the hallway in your home with good runner?

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