Decorate Your Home Interior with Unique Bar Stools

Bar stools are very interesting because of their height that exceeds normal seating. The stools are designed specifically for bar. Today, however, they have become common furniture in homes. People use the stools not only in their home bars, but also in their kitchens. The following are interesting and unique bar stools that must be able to impress you.

The first cool picture presents an impressive industrial-style kitchen with concrete ceiling, exposed brick walls and wooden floor tiles. A big concrete pillar creates even more impressive look in the kitchen. Three round wooden bar stools also look so appealing in the space. They are set against the black kitchen island. The round bar stools come as treated logs. They are treated in such a way, so that they look like pawns. Such bar stools can create very unique look in any kitchen or bar.

As I have said before, bar stools become common home furniture. Therefore, you may place the pieces in any rooms or spaces of your home. The second picture shows you five unique black bar stools in a breakfast nook. I consider the stools as unique because they are very tall. However, they come with built-in footrest and railing backrest that can ensure your comfort. The stools even have elegant impression because of their black color. They surround an awesome black square breakfast table. Moving to the third picture, there are three modern bar stools placed at kitchen island with built-in stove. The most interesting part of the bar stools are their unique stainless steel base that have circular base. Meanwhile, their backrest comes in round shape. The furniture really creates very sophisticated impression in the kitchen. Well, I’d like to enjoy delicious wine while sitting on the stool. Which one is your favorite unique bar stool?

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