Adorable Contemporary Nightstands to Beautify Bedrooms

Nightstand is a small table placed beside a bed in a bedroom. The furniture piece helps to complete the look of the bed. It also serves to support table lamp, vase of flowers, framed photo, or other decorative items. Nightstand can also come with storage, so that you may use it to keep small items, like books. The following are captivating contemporary nightstand designs that can be your consideration to decorate your bedroom.

From this first picture, there is a white contemporary nightstand sitting beside a bed. Coming in square shape, the piece looks so adorable. A lovely small modern table lamp is put on the white nightstand to enhance its look. The bedroom furniture even has built-in drawers, so that it’s very functional. Meanwhile, framed black and white pictures hang on wall behind the nightstand.

Nightstand can also determine the atmosphere of a bedroom as you can see from the second picture. It’s a bedroom with light beige carpet, black bed frame, turquoise bedding set and wooden wardrobe. Two contemporary wooden nightstands with drawers interestingly flank the bed while bringing warm feel. Each drawer of the nightstands is featured with impressive stainless steel handle. Awesome table lamp with infinity symbol on the base adorns the nightstands and enhancing their warm impression. Today, nightstand often becomes the integral part of a bed frame or platform bed. When you purchase a contemporary bed frame, it may already come with built-in nightstands. The next picture shows you an elegant black platform bed with built-in nightstands. A nightstand is decorated with square table lamp, while the other one is used for displaying a vase of white flowers. Comfortable gray mattress and white pillows complement the platform bed. Professional interior designers consider nightstand as a very important furniture piece for bedroom. If your bedroom is lacking of beauty, you may haven’t decorated it with good nightstand.

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