Decorate Your Home Interior with Unique Bar Stools

Bar stools are very interesting because of their height that exceeds normal seating. The stools are designed specifically for bar. Today, however, they have become common furniture in homes. People use the stools not only in their home bars, but also in their kitchens. The following are interesting and unique bar stools that must be […]

Outstanding Stone Fireplace Designs for Home Interior

Stone is very impressive natural material. If you use the material for decorating your home interior, then you can get wonderful look there. Stone can be used in any way you like. However, most people love to use stone as the surround for their fireplaces. A fireplace with stone surround tends to have rustic or […]

Unique and Artistic Bohemian Bedrooms Suggesting Freedom of Expression

According to the dictionary, the word ‘bohemian’ refers to people who lead unconventional and artistic lives. Those people are not attached to a certain strict tradition. They have the freedom to express themselves within the limit of reasonable norms. Therefore, bohemian people may not be afraid to be different with the common society. Wearing unique […]

Captivating Sleeper Sofa Designs for Small Spaces

You may be wondering about what sleeper sofa is. Well, it’s a sofa that can be used for sleeping or lying comfortably. The piece usually comes with built-in frame for accommodating a mattress. In this modern time, however, sleeper sofa has come in various designs. Each type of sleeper sofa even has different level of […]

Adorable Contemporary Nightstands to Beautify Bedrooms

Nightstand is a small table placed beside a bed in a bedroom. The furniture piece helps to complete the look of the bed. It also serves to support table lamp, vase of flowers, framed photo, or other decorative items. Nightstand can also come with storage, so that you may use it to keep small items, […]

Marvelous Floating Vanity Designs for Updating Bathrooms

Floating bathroom vanity is a vanity that hangs on the wall of a bathroom. Thus, the bathroom furniture looks like floating. Traditional bathroom vanity usually comes as a cabinet with countertop and sink. It sits or stands on the floor and against a wall. If you want to create modern impression in your bathroom, the […]

Eye-catching Runner to Create Appealing and Warm Hallways

Runner is a long and narrow rug that can enhance a hallway significantly. The item is both decorative and functional. Although hallway is a high-traffic area, but people usually don’t give it great attention. They tend to pass through the area without observing it. If you place a runner in the hallway, then the area […]

Homemade Wooden Bunk Beds as Special Gifts for Kids

If you have a plan to give a gift for your kid, then you may consider bunk bed. Because of its interesting look, many kids love bunk bed. Therefore, I believe that it can be the best gift for your kid. The bunk bed can be more special if you make it by yourself. I […]

Beautiful and Natural Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

It’s very important to give great attention to your home interior and exterior. By doing so, then you can create perfect beauty for your home. If you have decorated the interior nicely, then don’t forget to treat the exterior, especially the front yard. The appearance of your front yard can really determine your neighbors’ impression […]

Trendy Contemporary Designs of Narrow Dining Tables

Do you want to have a dining table that won’t take up much space in your room? Well, I suggest you to use narrow dining table. The table is very suitable for a small dining room, but it can also fit the large one. By using the piece, then your dining room can feel more […]